vegas, baby | 09.29.17

We’re using today as an “off-day” of sorts. Getting some errands done – laundry, stocking up on tortillas and peanut butter, cleaning the car a bit. Just spending time in and around the city, it’s so crazy just how different everything is here compared to back in Maryland. The landscapes, the weather (specifically the absolute lack of humidity), the people, the architecture… It’s definitely new and refreshing.

Last night we had driven about 6 hours straight from Fresno to Las Vegas. We did the basic tourist-y things when we arrived around midnight. We took a picture next to the “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign and we drove down the Strip and then called it a night at a local Walmart.

Paris, Las Vegas

I had originally planned to spend today doing some of the common activities in Vegas (don’t worry, Mom – we would have skipped the strip clubs and casinos anyways). This morning we weren’t really feeling it. We kind of had a vague idea of what we wanted to do and then even that changed. That’s one thing that I really appreciate about being on the road. Not having a strict itinerary or schedule. We can do whatever we want. We prioritized and instead of wandering downtown among the commercial and the excess, we’re getting done what needs to get done and then we’re headed to the Hoover Dam and Lake Meade. Even though I know it to be true, sometimes I need to remind myself that being outdoors is always healthier for me. As much as I do enjoy spending time in cities checking out iconic spots, when it comes down to it I always feel better when I spend time in nature.


Waiting at the laundromat usually is no fun, but we are in Las Vegas, which seems to have its own unique spin on things. There are arcade games and slot machines here. We decided to put aside about $15 for the slots and it definitely paid off! I ended up earning over $110 and Bryant got about $0.80. A successful day for sure. Who knew we would walk away from washing our clothes having made a profit? I guess that’s Vegas for you.

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